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Why Making the Switch to CSI was a Game Changer for Added Value Printing

Jun 4, 2019 12:53:00 PM / by CSI Accounting Staff posted in small business accounting

Added Value Printing is the premier custom PAD printing specialist serving the construction safety gear space, but frankly, they needed some help three years ago.

For years, Added Value Printing struggled to find the right fit for their business accounting and payroll needs. Tom Daher, the president of AVP, was frustrated by existing services because he felt like he spent too much of his own time managing accounting and payroll. This, plus a lack of data, led AVP to make reactive, rather than active, financial decisions. 

“We never knew where we were at financially.”

The problems came from an ancient set-up where there was constant back-and-forth of downloading and uploading reports between AVP and their accountant. Daher got sick of this time-consuming process, so he got an in-house, part-time bookkeeper and accountant, only to realize that they didn’t have the space or resources to house them on a consistent basis. The irregular schedules of part-time employees meant that they didn’t have accountability for a really vital part of their business.

On top of that, AVP was also using a large payroll service employee, but the constant turnover of employees handling his account caused more frustration. Daher felt like he was educating a new person at this payroll service nearly monthly about how their payroll worked. Plus, their customer service left a lot to be desired -- everything felt like one big upsell for a bigger and better payroll package. 

Daher partnered with CSI more than three years ago, and the results speak for themselves.

“Before CSI,” says Daher, “I spent so much time looking at bank statements, credit card reports, and data in QuickBooks. Now I can go months without looking at any reports knowing that CSI has everything covered. Talk about having the weight of the world off your shoulders.”

It isn’t just the efficiency of CSI’s monthly accounting and payroll services that Daher appreciates. It’s also the business advice that comes with it. 

“It’s always nice to hear from our accountant. We’re able to use him as a sounding board for big purchases or other business decisions,” he explains. "The best part of the relationship is, he calls us before we need to reach out.”

Bundling our services has Daher excited about his business's future and growth potential again. 

“Not only do I have more time to grow my small business, I’m also saving money by bundling accounting and payroll services together.”

If you’re thinking about CSI for your accounting and payroll services, check out some more of our testimonials. We think you’re going to like what you find out. Afterwards, go ahead and click the button below to schedule a free consultation! Make owning your own business fun again. You definitely owe it to yourself. 



CSI Accounting Staff

Written by CSI Accounting Staff

Client Development Manager