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5 Bookkeeping Tips for Your Salon or Spa

Aug 24, 2017 7:10:58 AM / by CSI Accounting Staff posted in salons


Owning a salon or spa comes with handling multiple responsibilities, including servicing your clients, overseeing your company, and managing your business finances. Whether you own a spa or hair, nail, tanning, or beauty salon, your primary source of income comes from your services. You might also receive income from products that you sell, chair rentals, and commissions.

To keep all this in order, it’s essential that your bookkeeping method is organized and up-to-date so you can determine your bottom line. By following these five tips, you’ll be able to clarify if you’re making or losing money, as well as learning how to enhance your business.

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How an Accountant Can Help Your Salon

Nov 29, 2016 8:06:32 AM / by Brian Paulson posted in salons


Running a successful salon requires more than simply pampering your guests. It takes careful planning, proper financial guidance, employee management, and tax saving strategies to ensure profitability.

Whether you own a hair salon, tanning center, full-service salon, or a corner barber shop, you receive income for services. You may also receive income for products, booth rentals, and commissions. Financial obligations could include a lease, payroll, product costs, equipment, insurance, and licenses.

Partnering with a monthly accounting service helps ease the burden of bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation, giving you more time to work on your business.

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