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National Payroll Providers vs. Local Payroll Firms

Aug 10, 2017 11:26:01 AM / by CSI Accounting Staff posted in small business payroll

At the end of the day, your payroll provider should feel like an extension of your small business. You trust other local vendors to help with your daily operations because relationships matter. So why not keep payroll on track for your business and your employees using a similar philosophy? 

payroll provider sizeNational Payroll Providers vs. Local Payroll Firms

Customer Service

National payroll companies often make promises about customer service and responsiveness, but they can seem too distant when it comes to actually helping you with daily challenges unique to your small business.

When dealing with a large payroll provider, phone calls or emails for help are often routed to multiple points of contact. With a local payroll provider, you can pick up the phone with confidence, knowing that a trusted representative is already familiar with your business; they're ready to address any challenges or opportunities without the need for additional information. A local payroll provider can be more responsive while providing a personalized experience.

Trusted Partnership

Working with a local payroll provider also gives you peace of mind when you decide to switch from another provider or from conducting payroll in-house. Having payroll experts by your side to personally set up your account helps to eliminate any errors from the start of the relationship. Any questions or concerns can be addressed immediately, and you have a partner vested in your success as your business grows and adds employees.


Combined Services

Local firms tend to offer accounting services as well. If your business needs monthly accounting and year-end tax preparation in addition to payroll services, sticking with a local accounting and payroll firm allows you to combine services under one roof. That means less points of contacts, time saved, and bottom-line savings while bundling services.

With less worries about the rules and regulations regarding payroll, accounting, and taxes, you’re able to focus on the operational side of your business, not the back-office paperwork.

Local Expertise

More and more cities are instituting local regulations that affect small business. In Minneapolis and St. Paul, for example, businesses are now required to account for Sick and Safe Time earned by employees. As a local payroll provider, CSI Accounting & Payroll was able to proactively work with clients to stay in compliance with the new ordinances, at no additional cost. This type of personalized service may have been dropped by larger payroll providers or billed as an extra charge.

Find the right fit.

You probably have friends and peers in the local business community who have experienced the difference between large payroll companies and local providers. Ask them about the pros and cons regarding both options to help determine what may be the right fit for your small business. If a local firm seems to be the best route, chat with a few to discuss your needs to make an informed decision moving forward. Make sure we're on the list!

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